The Curators’ Association of Upper Normandy (SFHN) is a regional branch of the General Association of Curators of French Public Collections (AGCCPF). The curators and scientific staff of the museums of Upper Normandy have the Ministry of Culture and Communication "Museum of France" label; their registration with the AGCCPF entails membership of the former association.
The role of the SFHN is to promote networking among the museums of Upper Normandy (the Seine-Maritime and Eure regions), to launch or support collective projects, to promote inter-museum cooperation in Upper Normandy, and to assist in the training of museum staff and their adaptation to the new technologies.

The SFHN would be unable to carry out such a program without the invaluable assistance of the DRAC (Regional Office of Cultural Affairs) and the Regional Council of Upper Normandy, its partners in these activities. For certain projects it is also supported by the Departmental Councils of Seine Maritime and Eure.

It is active in the following fields:
1 - Providing assistance with research and communication for exhibitions organised by several museums around a common theme. Five such exhibitions were held in 2000 on the theme of the mirror, eight in 2002 (3 of which were in Upper Normandy) on the theme of the horse (in association with museums in Lower Normandy), and three in 2004 on "Normandy and the Americas: 500 years of history". In 2005, several exhibitions focused on Brazil and Latin America.

2 - Developing a partnership with Lower Saxony (since 2002) in association with the MuseumsVerband für Niedersachsen und Bremen (see the "Lower Saxony" section of the site). To date, this partnership has entailed study trips to Normandy by German curators and to Lower Saxony by their French counterparts, a first exchange of works in 2003, and the partial translation of the site into German.

3 - Developing a vast computerization and digitization project (since 2000), involving all the museums of Upper Normandy. This project is phased as follows:
- 2000-2001 : an exhaustive study of the museums’ situation in terms of computerization and digitization, carried out by specialized consultants who produced a report in 2002, assessing the budget required to cover equipment, training and outsourcing needs.

- 2003: when requested by individual museums, this report was completed by customized advisory sessions to pinpoint the specific needs of each etablishment and draw up a six-year implementation program. Meanwhile, training sessions using the "micromusée" software (adopted by the majority of the museums in Upper Normandy) were organized where required by staff.

- 2002-2003: as this far-reaching, long-term project required more immediate visibility (requested both by the museums and by the communities to which they belong), the SFHN won a call for projects from the DATAR for the creation of regional cultural portals. The present portal, which is still in the testing stage, was created within the framework of an agreement between the SFHN and the CRIHAN (Computer Resource Centre of Upper Normandy). The operation, financed to date by the DATAR, the Regional Council of Upper Normandy and the CRIHAN, provided for the recruitment of a project leader. The SFHN ensures the definition of content and the functionalities required for the portal site, and has editorial responsibility. The CRIHAN contributes technical and administrative support, and provides computing resources and accommodation for the project leader.

- To ensure its continuity, this portal site now needs to evolve; it will be progressively enriched, notably by the construction of a database for the collections, according to regional themes.

2004: the DRAC and the Regional Council of Upper Normandy, using the summary report from the customized advisory sessions, have listed the museums’ computerization and digitization program in the revised Plan Contract. In June 2004, they launched a call for projects from all the "Museums of France" in Upper Normandy, concerning the acquisition of materials and the use of outsourcing to speed up the computerization and digitization of the collections.
The SFHN meanwhile continues to organise customized advisory and training sessions where required by the museums.

Finally, the Curators’ Associations of Upper and Lower Normandy joined forces to organize the Curators’ National Study Days (on October 20, 21, 22 and 23, 2004, in Rouen and Caen), around the theme "Museums of France and study collections".

Head Office and Administation :
Musée G. Poulain
12 rue du Pont
27200 Vernon