fleche Partnership with Lower-Saxony vide

History of the partnership

Since a first contact in July 2002 in Hanover and Goslar, the museums of Lower Saxony and Upper Normandy have been involved in cooperative exchanges via their respective associations: the Museums Verband Niedersachsen und Bremen (association of the museums of Lower Saxony and Bremen) and the Upper Normandy branch of the General Association of Curators of French Public Collections.
On December 2 and 3, 2002, a first German delegation brought five Lower Saxon curators to visit twenty museums in Upper Normandy, in the presence of Mr. Hans-Walter Keweloh, president of the Museums Verband, and his secretary Hans Lochmann. In return, from March 16 to 19, 2003, a Norman delegation of 5 curators visited the north-west of Lower Saxony (around Oldenburg, East Friesland, Bremen and Bremerhaven).
As a result of these two delegations, a first exchange was organised in May 2003, on the occasion of the European Museums’ Spring Festival.


Philosophy of the partnership

The cooperation project between the museums of Lower Saxony and Upper Normandy focuses on a number of areas:

1. The first is theme-related:
The museums of our two regions have a number of common themes, five of which are particularly prominent.
. Fine Arts,
. Archaeology,
. Natural History and Science (museums of the history of medecine and obstetrics),
. Ethnology, grouping the following heritage domains: maritime, industrial (textile), technical (e.g. collection related to the firefighting profession), scientific and rural (ecomuseums),
. Literary museums.

2. The second concerns the means of cooperation:
. Loan exchanges, common exhibitions:
The museums will exchange works for temporary exhibitions, or develop projects for common exhibitions.
. Exchanges of personnel from various fields (visitors’ service, conservation, museography, control of works, restoration, etc.). Skills exchanges could be organised with regard to pilot activities in each region, such as the computerization of maritime museums, or the documentation system in Lower Saxon ecomuseums (the ecomuseum of Kiekeberg, near Hamburg, has apparently developed an efficient system).
. Virtual exhibitions: thanks to the creation of the website of the Curators’ Association of Upper Normandy, virtual exhibitions can be organised on common projects.

3. Regular annual meetings:
Biennial meetings will be scheduled to keep the exchange going. By visiting each others’ museums and meeting each others’ teams, the museum curators from Lower Saxony and Upper Normandy will be able to reap the full benefits of this cooperative project from the outset.

Pierre Ickowicz, Chief Curator, Dieppe Castle Museum.