Portrait de Victor Hugo
Portrait de Victor Hugo


City museum


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Sophie Fourny-Dargère


Quai Victor Hugo
76490 Villequier


02 35 56 78 31

logo musees de France Musée départemental Victor Hugo -- The Victor Hugo Museum

The house and garden were purchased from the descendants of the Vacquerie family by the Seine Maritime department in 1951, and opened to the public in 1959. The museum evokes both the Hugo and Vacquerie families, united in grief after the tragedy of September 4, 1843, when newly-weds Léopoldine Hugo and Charles Vacquerie were drowned in the Seine, together with two other members of the Vacquerie family.
Substantial donations from the family and various acquisitions have made it possible to preserve the original furniture and arrangement of the rooms. The salon focuses on Auguste Vacquerie (1819-1895) with references to his life as a writer and political journalist. The billiard room is reserved for temporary exhibitions and presentations about Victor Hugo, while the other rooms evoke his wife, his daughter Adèle, his two sons François-Victor and Charles, Léopoldine and her husband Charles Vacquerie, and Juliette Drouet. Manuscripts, original drawings by Victor Hugo and letters are presented in the Cabinet of Drawings.

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