Horloges Saint-Nicolas
Horloges Saint-Nicolas


City museum


Decorative arts

Folk Art

Technology and industry


Marianne Lombardi


48, rue Édouard Cannevel
76510 Saint-Nicolas d’Aliermont


02 35 04 53 98

logo musees de France Musée de l’horlogerie -- The Museum of Clock and Watchmaking

This museum, on on the first floor of the local château, is run by the Aliermont Clock and Watchmakers’ Association. The collections comprise some 300 items which retrace the history of clock and watchmaking in Saint Nicolas d’Aliermont since 1725, with household clocks (tall-case clocks, mantel clocks, alarm clocks, carriage clocks, wall clocks, etc), scientific and technical timepieces (marine regulators and chronometers), and time-control devices including ticket machines and all manner of time clocks. Visitors can also enjoy a presentation of local history featuring the use of old watchmakers’ tools.

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