Esquisse de la statue de Corneille
Esquisse de la statue de Corneille
Vue du jardin
Vue du jardin


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Sophie Fourny-Dargère


502, rue Pierre Corneille
76650 Petit Couronne


02 35 68 13 89

logo musees de France Musée départemental Pierre Corneille -- The Pierre Corneille Museum

Pierre Corneille’s father bought this property at Petit-Couronne in 1608. It subsequently changed owners several times before being divided up, then partly repurchased by the Seine Maritime region in 1874. The" Maison des Champs" now houses the first museum devoted to the playwright and his family.
Listed as a Historic Monument in 1939, the 16th-century shingled, half-timbered house has been restored, together with its thatch-roofed baker’s oven. A kitchen garden and orchard have also been recreated.

Although the Norman 16th and 17th-centuy furniture did not belong to the Corneille family, it recreates the style of their country house. The collection of sculptures, paintings, engravings, medals and rare and original editions is further enriched by mementoes of lesser-known members of the Corneille family (Charlotte Corday, Fontenelle,...) or of Corneille’s friends and rivals such as Molière and Racine.

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