Musée Industriel de la Corderie Vallois : les tresseuses
Musée Industriel de la Corderie Vallois : les tresseuses


museum of the Departement



Technology and industry


Alain Joubert


185, route de Dieppe
76960 Notre-Dame-de-Bondeville


02 35 74 35 35


02 35 74 58 45

logo musees de France Musée industriel de la Corderie Vallois -- Vallois Ropeworks Industrial Museum

The Vallois Ropeworks Industrial Museum is housed in an old factory which has been restored to working order. The building dates from 1822, and is listed in the supplementary inventory of Historic Monuments. Located near Rouen, on the river Cailly, the museum bears witness to the days when "factories sprang up like mushrooms" in this valley, earning it the nickname of "Little Manchester".
This industrial site, steeped in memory, has been meticulously restored. Its half-timbered building, hydraulic wheel, transmissions, and original machines create the perfect environment in which to discover a forgotten activity, study the history of the textile industry, and observe the hydraulic technique that has been in constant use here from the 15th century to the present day.
The wheel-driven machines are operational again, demonstrating the production of three-strand and plaited ropes.

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