Détail de métier à tisser
Détail de métier à tisser


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Place Ernest Thorel
27400 Louviers


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logo musees de France Musée municipal de Louviers -- The Municipal Museum of Louviers

Louviers Museum was officially founded in 1872. It has been housed in its present premises on Place Ernest Thorel since 1888, thanks to the generosity of Edouard Lanon who financed its construction in 1881 in order to present the collection he bequeathed to the town.
The core of the museum’s collection stemmed from purchases, gifts and bequests (the Vignon and Lalun bequest, the Roussel donation...) which featured archaeological items, paintings, furniture and faience from the Renaissance to the 19th century, and decorative arts.

The Museum initiated a renovation project in 1997, which began with the implementation of a preventive conservation policy, and is continuing with the updating of the inventory and the permanent exhibition of the collections.

The collections as a whole are thus currently benefiting from a far-reaching program of preventive conservation involving the transfer of objects into new storerooms, dusting and insecticide treatment, packaging, and sanitary checks. As a result, only the textile department is currently visible, but a number of temporary exhibitions are proposed to the public.

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