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Place Félix Faure
76170 Lillebonne


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02 32 84 02 07

logo musees de France Musée municipal de Lillebonne -- The Municipal Museum of Lillebonne

The Municipal Musuem, in the former town hall (opposite the Roman theatre), displays collections of Gallo-Roman archaeology and ethnography.
Lillebonne has conserved traces of its rich Gallo-Roman past, including funerary furniture and architectural monuments. The so-called "tomb of Marcus" and furniture from the necropolis of Le Catillon reflect certain aspects of daily life, with earthenware, glass and metal objects, etc...
Capitals, carved stones and bas-reliefs testify to the splendour of the monuments.

The ethnographic collection features furniture, jewellery, Cauchois headdresses, and a number of minor professions such as wig and toupee making.
The Mélamare pottery centre is particularly well represented with a fine collection of utilitarian and decorative objects, and a series of 24 bricks with Renaissance decoration. Various objects and documents from the textile factories are reminders of a more recent past.
A slide viewer also enables visitors to view 80 postcards of Lillebonne in the 1900s.

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