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logo musees de France Musée Alphonse Georges Poulain -- The Alphonse Georges Poulain Museum

The Vernon Museum, which reopened to the public in 1983, is housed in the former mansion of the Le Moine de Bellisle family (15th - 18th century), near the Seine.
The museum is named after Alphonse Georges Poulain, a local scholar who bequeathed his archaeological collections to the city in 1927.
The museum has since specialised in animal art, with works by artists such as Bugatti, Pompon and Jouve. Its rich collection (exhibited in rotation) is also an essential part of a visit to Giverny, with paintings by Monet and the artists who stayed there (Butler, Mac Monnies, Hoschedé-Monet...). Works by Bonnard (Monet’s neighbour at Vernon from 1912 to 1926) and the Nabis (Vuillard, Denis, Vallotton) enrich the section devoted to local landscapes.
An original "Cabinet of Drawings", focused on humour and caricature, presents works by Théophile Alexandre Steinlen (a famous cat-lover, who also specialised in drawings of vagabonds), Robert Noir and Woop, observers of political and social life in France in the 20th century.

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