Pompe à bras (1721)
Pompe à bras (1721)


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Lieutenant Colonel Jean Pierre Collinet
Association des Amis du Musée des Sapeurs Pompiers

Alain Joubert


Rue Baron Bigot
76710 Monville


02 35 33 13 51


02 35 33 13 51

logo musees de France Musée des sapeurs pompiers de France -- The French Firefighters’ Museum

The pieces on display in the museum retrace three centuries of history and constitute a vibrant homage to the firefighting profession. Most of the machinery and objects came from the towns or firefighting units of the Seine Maritime region, where this material was used prior to modernization. The museum boasts France’s oldest 4-wheeled hand pump (the "Aldermen’s" pump), which dates from 1721 and was used in Rouen.
Another area exhibits private collections donated to the museum.

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