Intérieur du pavillon
Intérieur du pavillon


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Pavillon Flaubert
18, quai Gustave Flaubert
76380 Canteleu


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logo musees de France Pavillon Flaubert -- The Flaubert Pavilion

This garden pavilion is all that remains of the property on the banks of the Seine which Flaubert’s father acquired in 1844. Flaubert was particularly fond of this residence, where he lived for 35 years and wrote most of his major works. The guests he entertained in the waterside pavilion included his friends Maupassant, Louis Bouilhet, George Sand, and the Goncourt brothers.
The property was sold shortly after Flaubert’s death in 1880, and subsequently destroyed. Thanks to a fund opened in 1904, the Pavilion was repurchased and converted into a museum which was inaugurated in 1906.
Flaubert’s writing articles (goose quills, inkpot) are exhibited here together with portraits, drawings, views and engravings of Le Croisset, and objects which once adorned his study, such as the famous golden Buddha.

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