Armoire de Rouen.
Armoire de Rouen.


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Château de Martainville
76116 Martainville-Épreville


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logo musees de France Musée des Traditions et Arts Normands -- The Museum of Norman Arts and Traditions

The château that houses the museum, located 15 km north-east of Rouen, was built in 1485 by a Flemish architect for Jacques Le Pelletier, Seigneur of Martainville. It is a fine example of early Renaissance architecture, which still has its original layout and annexes: dovecote, wagon shed, baker’s oven, half-timbered well.
The museum, founded in 1965 by theSeine Maritime Departmental Council, displays an exceptional collection of furniture from Upper Normandy which traces the evolution of styles from the 15th to the 19th century. The ethnography of the regions of Upper Normandy is presented in the form of reconstructed farmhouses featuring furniture and everyday objects from the 18th and 19th centuries.
The top floor of the château is devoted to the history of textile and costume in Normandy, with an exhibition of 19th-century paintings and regional headdresses and jewellery. Visitors can also admire a rich agricultural collection in the outbuildings.

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