Jeune femme en buste dite la Florentine (vers 1840 - 1841)
Jeune femme en buste dite la Florentine (vers 1840 - 1841)


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Laurence Le Cieux


Ancien Évêché
6, rue Charles Corbeau
27000 Évreux


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logo musees de France Musée d’Évreux - Ancien évêché -- Evreux Museum - former bishop’s palace

The museum has been housed since the 1960s in the former bishop’s palace of Évreux, a fine late 15th century edifice which is linked to the cathedral by a cloister. A further wing was built in the basement in 1985, revealing the Gallo-Roman ramparts. This area houses the archaeological collection, one of the museum’s major attractions, featuring the large bronzes found at Vieil-Evreux (1st century AD) and traces of human occupation in the Eure département from prehistoric times to the Merovingian period.
The ground floor is devoted to local history, sculpture and art objects from the Middle Ages. The first floor displays paintings and furniture from the 17th and 18th centuries. A fine collection of 19th century paintings (Flandrin, Lebourg, Boudin...) is exhibited on the second floor. Finally, 20th century art is essentially represented by the abstract movement, from its early days (Léger) to its blooming in the 1980s (Soulages, Reigl), and by works which explore the relationship between painting and writing (Degottex, Hartung, Michaux).

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